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"PC Asset Management Software"

  • Supervises SMART Parameters of the Disk
  • Tags & Tracks Hardware/Software Assets
  • Render Alerts on any Hardware/Software Changes
  • Disk Scanning for Bad Sectors is Done

"PC Reporter By Unistal "

  • Logs all Changes & HDD Pre-Failure Parameters
  • Displays Graph of Disk Temperature Variations
  • Manages Log by Setting Log Days
  • Tags details of CPU, HDD, RAM, NIC., CD-ROM, Printer, etc.


This application takes care of pending hard disk issues, it is absolutely developed to protect PC assets. The programming is based on S.M.A.R.T technology and executes in automated mode. There are various software and hardware parameters, which are monitored efficiently to proffer reports on asset conditions. Parameters that are monitored: temperature, Spin-up time, Head flying height, and many other parameters. Then these are compared to a specific value.


Asset Tagging feature proffers tagging about Motherboard,  CPU, Hard Disk, CD-ROM, Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, Operating System, Sound Card, Memory, Network, and all the software installed in the system & gives Alerts on any change in the tagged assets.

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Why Unistal PC Reporter

  • Track assets of your computer
  • Checks the condition of software and hardware
  • Issues warning in case of any hardware issues
  • Early alarm of hard disk failure to prevent data loss
  • Unique Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETch) employed
  • Free demo version is also available


The entire condition of PC assets is checked and monitored. Alerts are progressed for better programing and to maintain fluency in the work environment.





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