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Why there is always a haywire when a database is corrupt or goes missing? Well, essentially a database is the most vital aspect, rather factor that keeps the authenticity entangled in the business station. There are various atrocities involved in data miss maintenance, such as theft, corruption, technical faults and so on. Henceforth, an advance and adroit solution is developed, which manages all the arenas of data loss and successfully prevents any sort of mismanagement.

Data Care Products


Activity Reporter

All these programs are entrusted with reliable and user-friendly features. Moreover, these are cost-effective and easy to use tools, which are technically sound. Protect all your business database assets with these immaculate programs and flourish safety.More…

Crash Proof

Unistal provides Data Loss Prevention software: Crash Proof which is a pre crash tool to recover/restore lost files, revives disk when there is a FAT error/ mismatch, revives disk/ drive/ partition if it goes missing, recovers data files if disk is not booting, and revives disk if root folder is corrupted. More…

PC Reporter

Unistal provides SMART software which takes care of hard disk issues and is developed to protect PC assets. It monitors parameters like temperature, Spin-up time, Head flying height, and many other parameters. PC Reporter tags all the software installed in the system & gives Alerts on any change in the tagged assets. More…

Data Wipe

Unistal provides an effective software; Data Wipe which is used to remove files/data permanently so that it is not recoverable by any means. There might be case when you want some confidential data to be deleted such that no one can get it back using any tool. Then, Data Wipe is the perfect tool for that which makes data irrecoverable once deleted using it. More…

Port Locker

Unistal provides a very effective Data Leakage Prevention Software; Port Locker which increases the level of data security on your computer system. Port Locker provides shield to your system in case of any unwanted access and prevents unauthorized data transfer. It also generates alerts for any unauthorized access to your system. You are use Port Locker to secure ports like SB drive, Printer, IEEE 1394, DVD/CD Writers, Bluetooth ports, Ethernet Ports, etc. More…

Locate Laptop (Desktop Security)

Unistal provides Locate Laptop Software for Desktop Security which is a result-oriented program. It protects your system from getting lost or being stolen by someone. A user can easily track location of the laptop in case of theft and can even get details of the IP being used on the laptop. More…

Locate Laptop (Enterprise Security)

Unistal Locate Laptop for Enterprise Security is an apt solution for remotely managing the laptop security in a close network area. This software offers remote deployment characteristics in networked laptops. You can also track your employee location as well through this effective software and check whether they are at the location they should suppose to be. More…

Data Recovery Service Pack

Unistal provides recovery program in the form of Data Recovery Service Pack for an individual as well as for the business use. There might be some technical issues in a PC which might lead to data loss. Data Recovery Service Pack is a Data Loss Prevention which supports curing of any kind of data loss which is due to partition corruption, boot corruption, etc. More…


Unistal provides Tune-Up software; SysBoost which is an effective tool used to enhance the performance of your system. This software wipes all junk files/folders, cleans browsing history, cookies, windows registries and all temporary files to increase your system performance. It is not only allows wiping out data from your system, but also provides amazing features. More…


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